Thursday, 19 November 2009

»» Seán and Myself Recording Roll Away

In 1978 I invited my Mother to visit with us in New York and at that same time Seán was touring the states with the Chieftains. Seán had arranged to have his wife Marie, daughter Deirdre and their two sons Pádraic and Darach join him in New York and this would mark the first gathering of our "clan" outside of Ireland. I had been working on recording my album "Roll Away the Reel World" and my Mother saw this as a golden opportunity to have her wish come true which was for the two brothers to play, for once, a few tunes together on a record. At the time Seán was very busy.

On the morning of the recording, as I prepared to leave for Connecticut, my Mother persuaded me to drive into Manhattan in chance of finding Seán while he was in town. United again, all the Keanes headed for Connecticut and on the way we discussed possible tunes, enough for four tracks. Amazingly we recorded each track on the first take. We hadn't played serious music together since 1965-'66 and it was clear that we had the same interpretations and settings of the tunes as it all came flowing back to us.

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