Thursday, 19 November 2009

»» Ryan's Fancy at Disneyworld

I accepted an invitation from a very prominent Canadian based Irish folk group "Ryan's Fancy" to become a member and contribute to their music line-up.

In 1979 I moved to Canada and to a new address at The Head of St. Margaret's Bay on the south shore if Nova Scotia. We toured all over Canada but were better known as a group from the Maratimes. I recorded a few LP's with them and during that time we hosted our own C.B.C. "Superspecials" on network television. It's members were Denis Ryan from Newport, Co. Tipperary, Fergus O'Byrne from Dublin and Dermot O' Reilly from the same area of Dublin as myself. Unfortunately Dermot died at his home in St. Johns, Newfoundland on February 17th. 2007. R.I.P.

This photo is the result of a happy ending to an international incident that involved Ken Taylor who in 1979 was the Canadian Ambassador to Iran when he helped six American hostages. They had escaped and sought refuge at the Canadian embassy when Ken Taylor, with help from Joe Clark, Canadian Prime Minister, issued Canadian passports to fool the Iranians into believing they were Canadians in a covert operation called "The Canadian Caper".

On an invite from the American government, Ryan's Fancy was selected to record a one hour "Superspecial" at Disneyworld Florida produced by C.B.C. television.

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