Thursday, 29 October 2015

Michael Tubridy, Mick O'Connor, Seán Keane, Peadar McLoughlin & James Keane

This is a picture from Miltown Malybay 2015, when I took part in the Wilie Clancy Summer School. We were there to celebrate and pay tribute to Mick O'Connor. Michael Tubridy is a regular at the week, and veteran of the Castle Céilí Band with Mick, myself and brother Seán. Peadar O'Loughlin -- the one and only -- is from Kilmaley. He's a veteran of the Tulla Céilí Band. He made an album recently with Ronan Browne called If You Dare. He remembered me since I was a kid, and he always thought me a great upstart. He was ill and came down despite difficulties. He has hero status in the music, winning the flute, fiddle and pipes at the Oireachtas. A great man, one of the old stock.